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Pilates classes in Sheffield, your comments

Thank you to everyone who has written a comment. I have the signed originals at the Pilates studio on Buttermere Road, Sheffield S7. I hope they give you an insight into how Pilates can benefit you.


          Veronica Hutchinson has been my Pilates teacher for over 7 years. She is very professional, knowledgeable and has the ability to explain clearly why we are doing the exercises and how we should do them. And last, but not least - her classes are fun.

Antje Whittle  

              Having experienced several different instructors in the past, Veronica's teaching method is refreshingly meticulous and client orientated, identifying exactly the problem areas and never compromising client safety when instructing.

Veronica's patience and sense of humour have pulled me through many a tough or as she calls it, "challenging" session with her.



          Quite simply, I think Veronica Hutchinson is the best Pilates teacher in the world! I have been going to her classes for 6 years now and I could not be happier. She is passionate about Pilates and totally dedicated to each and every one of her students. Veronica's approach is very professional but she is also a lovely friendly and cheerful person.

I started classes after a breakdown and was like a limp rag doll. I had no muscle tone, no stamina, no energy. My posture was all out of alignment my left shoulder was lower than my right. My neck and left shoulder was pulling in one direction due to an old broken disc in my neck and I assumed that my posture would always be that way as a result of this injury. Not so, I am delighted to say that I now have good posture and muscle tone and I feel stronger than ever. This is all thanks to Veronica's excellent teaching skills, her patience and attention to correct posture and alignment combined with her knowledge of how the body and muscles work.

To all those skeptics out, Veronica is not related to me and she has not paid me for this testimonial, ha ha ha !

P.S. I should also say that in 1997 I had surgery on my lower spine to correct a broken disc. Today, thank God, I have no back problems at all and I am sure that Pilates has helped to keep my core muscles strong enabling them to support my spine.

Kikax  (Pilates Devotee - Greek Cypriot)


             I wish I had discovered Pilates 20 years ago, but then I wouldn't have found a teacher as dedicated  & professional as Veronica.

Anny B

           Pilates, in our group, with a great teacher means fun and lots of satisfaction, even for those of us who may struggle (just a bit) due to age, mobility issues etc. I have tried other forms of exercise but know that Pilates is the one for me.


             Dear Veronica

Thank you for helping me to manage my weak back, strengthening muscles I didn't know about and for making our classes so enjoyable. Your constant encouragement turns "I can't" into "I CAN".


               I have been taking Pilates classes for eight years now and I always leave the class feeling strengthened and energized.

Veronica's passion for Pilates is truly infectious and she constantly encourages and challenges us to work our bodies harder.

Her background as a dancer makes her the ideal Pilates instructor, and for me I will always find time for her classes.

Highly recommended.

Sue Walker (60yrs) Salema

             I arrived in Portugal from New Zealand in May 2011 & was invited to join Veronica's Pilates class which I attend twice a week. I have a double hip replacement & have so appreciated Veronica's

encouragement & support & as a result my flexibility and strength have improved enormously.

Veronica is very professional, her warm and infectious personality is enjoyed by us all.

Pilates is great for body, mind & soul.

Julia Walsh

            We feel we must go to class twice a week to put Veronica through her paces with difficult and tricky customers, just so she doesn't get bored. She has eyes in the back of her head and there is never any time to relax and take it easy, she's like that. She is a real bully basically and even though she says you always have choice, what she means is her choice, do it or else. She may look petite but when she clips you round the ears you really feel it especially when you are doubled over in a shoulder bridge. When she is really being beastly, she makes you use some of her torture equipment such as large balls that she makes you sit on and lose your balance, hard rollers you have to lie on and ring things that you have to squeeze until your muscles ache. Attending classes is really a bit like eating a very hot curry, you don't know why you do it but you go back for more

Bob Wood

              We started Pilates with Veronica 8 years ago and attend classes twice a week, the evening classes suiting our lifestyle best. Previously we had both attended Yoga classes for many years both here and in the UK. However, we often found that we overstretched muscles and it did not strengthen our backs, both having lower back problems, no doubt exacerbated by golf. Pilates taught us the need to develop our core strength. It may take a little while to notice a significant improvement in this, but a few months attending classes and practice at home certainly bears fruit. Veronica's background and experience is second to none and we feel in very safe hands that she will not let us undertake any exercise in any harmful way. She has a very thorough understanding of the anatomy of the body and Caroline attributes her full recovery from a severe slipped disc to "one to one" sessions with Veronica that brought her body back into balance. Pilates can be as strong or as gentle as you wish and this instance Veronica worked to the level Caroline was able to handle with the injury. Apart from working on all the muscles of the body for overall health, you can find that even if you are feeling tired and lethargic, a Pilates class will enliven you and give a sense of well being having stimulated the flow of oxygen to the muscles.

Veronica is one of the most professional teachers, in any discipline, we have come across and although there are core exercises that are followed every class, she ensures we are never bored by repeating the same one every session as there is always variety from one class to the next.

Caroline Wood

           Brilliant Class. Went for the summer of 2012 with a friend, good fun and of course beneficial!! Sad the summer is over and I have to end the class! Would recommend this to everyone!

P.S. FAB teacher

Lauren Smith

(aged 25) New Zealand

            I have suffered from back problems for over 25 years and about four years ago my physiotherapist suggested that I try Pilates. A good friend recommended Veronica and since I started attending her classes I have had very few back problems.

Veronica's classes suit me because they are always tailored to the age and abilities of those taking part and not just "one size fits all".

I would happily recommend her to everyone, but especially those in my own age range.

Jackie Billings (Aged 50+)

          I live in the United States, but spend several months per year in Portugal. When I’m here, I take Pilates classes from Veronica. I have never been able to find a comparable teacher or class in the U.S. They may exist, but I've not found a teacher with Veronica's level of expertise.

Veronica's knowledge of anatomy, precise and well planned exercise sequences and instructions, as well as her careful observation of every student and small class sizes make her classes far and away better than any others I've tried. The classes I've attended in the U.S. have either been too large for the teacher to be sure that exercises are done correctly which can easily result in injury or are not planned in such a way that exercises carefully counteract and balance different muscle groups, as is the case in Veronica's classes.

I always leave Veronica's classes feeling good, having worked hard but safely. I feel very comfortable giving Veronica Pilates the highest recommendation!

Julie Murphy - Kansas City USA

            I am a Canadian living in the sunny Algarve who started Pilates 9 months ago with Veronica as my very professional and extremely helpful instructor. She has taught me proper Pilates moves and although it is in a class, albeit a small class, it feels one on one as she demonstrates to us how to do the exercises, taking into consideration each individuals capabilities.

I go regularly 3 times per week and enjoy each session immensely. I wanted to do Pilates for fitness and toning and feel so much better now than when I started.

I have tremendous respect for Veronica and hope to continue my exercise regime with her for years to come.


           PILATES WITH VERONICA : - the best. She has kept me going through many years - giving me confidence and encouragement at all times, always taught with determination (you WILL breathe) and received by me with a sense of humour!

Love her to bits!

O.A.P. Lois / Red Hot Granny

            Veronica has made me much more "body aware". I now have much better posture  and my neck and back are strong and supple. This makes me feel and look much younger!

JP (age 71)

           Re: Veronica Hutchinson

I am a 68-year-old American who has taken Pilates from Veronica for about four years.

I highly recommend Veronica as a Pilates instructor for the following reasons.

-   She demonstrates each new exercise before we attempt it

-   She tells us which muscles are being used for each exercise

-   She checks to make sure we are doing the exercises correctly

In addition to the above mentioned reasons, Veronica is a positive and happy person and she makes her class a pleasure to attend.


             For several years I suffered from worsening stiffness and pain in my lower back, legs and neck. These difficulties were affecting adversely my ability to lead a normal life, and to do many of the things I had always been able to do. Inevitably, this condition was affecting negatively my mental health as well.

At age 63 years, my medical practitioner referred me to Choice Pilates. I have attended Veronica's classes regularly since then. From the outset I acquired a personal awareness of how I sit, how I stand, and how I move - and a better understanding of how those actions related to the specific problems for which I was seeking relief.

Because physical and mental health are linked inextricably, the Veronica Pilates exercise program is developed on the principles underlying that philosophy : concentration, precision, control, correct breathing and flowing movements - designed to develop one's core strength, which is the foundation of all Pilates exercises.

Pilates has enhanced my muscle strength and has given me greater flexibility, endurance and coordination of movement. I do not suffer any longer from problems of stiffness and pain in my lower back, legs and neck. I have better posture and am less prone to injury. Now I can do the things that poor body condition had prevented me from doing. My overall physical and mental health have improved immeasurably.

A cornerstone, and a general differentiator of the VA Pilates program is the high level of skill and extensive experience of Veronica herself, coupled with her immense spirit that enthuses, stimulates and controls. Her endless reserves of energy, infectious enthusiasm and personal goodwill create an inspiring, optimistic and happy atmosphere in which only success can flourish.

Christopher Stephen 

          I joined Veronica's Pilates class nine years ago aged fifty eight, never having done any Pilates before and to be honest wasn't too sure what it involved. I immediately felt welcome in the initiation class and was most impressed by Veronica's professionalism and understanding. I am still going to Veronica's classes twice a week and hate to miss as I feel the benefit it is doing me with ageing joints and how much it has helped with a chronic back disorder and a general feeling of well being. At the end of a class one feels comfortably tired and stretched but never exhausted, as after a workout in the gym.

Veronica has a wonderful understanding of each individuals ability and is so encouraging to each of her clients to help them make the best of what they, as individuals, can accomplish. Her classes are small so that everything is done on a very personal level.

We, Veronica's friends and clients in Lagos, Algarve, are very sorry she is returning to the UK but feel that the people of Sheffield will no doubt gain from our loss, and know that it will be a wonderful and memorable experience for anyone joining her Pilates studio.

Marion Seara Cardoso

Lagos, Algarve, Portugal. 3rd March 2014

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