Class Times

Monday           10.00    11.30       18.00  19.30

Tuesday          08.30    10.00    11.30  
Wednesday     10.00    11.30  
Thursday         10.00    11.30       18.00  19.30
Friday              10.00    11.30



Classes                   £10 per class  

Advance payment   £90 for 10 classes 

One-to-one             From £40  


          Thank you for helping me to manage my weak back, strengthening muscles I didn't know about and for making our classes so enjoyable. Your constant encouragement turns "I can't" into "I CAN".




          Veronica has made me much more "body aware". I now have much better posture and my neck and back are strong and supple. This makes me feel and look much younger!

JP (age 71)



          Brilliant Class. Went for the summer of 2012 with a friend, good fun and of course beneficial!! Sad the summer is over and I have to end the class! Would recommend this to everyone!

P.S. FAB teacher

Lauren Smith

(aged 25)

New Zealand

Classes are held from Monday to Friday with a maximum of 10 clients per class. This allows each person to be given the correct amount of time and attention required to ensure correct alignment and execution of the exercises.


Is Pilates for me

Pilates is for everyone, both men and women from complete beginners to exercise professionals, people with back pain, pre and post natal, athletes, almost everyone can benefit from a correctly structured Pilates class with a fully qualified instructor. You’re never too old to start classes and you don’t have to be fit. There’s a program of exercises and classes to suit everyone.


The benefits of Pliates

Pilates is an exercise system created in the early 1900s by German born Joseph Pilates that focuses on stretching and strengthening the body in order to improve balance, muscle-strength, flexibility and posture. Incorporating elements of yoga, martial arts and Western forms of exercise. It was quickly adopted by professional dancers in America to aid recovery from injury and has grown in popularity since. People of all ages and fitness levels throughout the world now regularly enjoy Pilates classes and their benefits.

Pilates classes in Sheffield S7