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Choice Pilates Classes Sheffield

Veronica Hutchinson opened her first Pilates studio in May 2004 and has been helping her many clients improve their core strength and well being ever since. Regular Pilates benefits people of all ages and abilities, both men and women.


Veronica spent many years working in the Algarve before relocating to her home town of Sheffield, establishing a Pilates studio in Sheffield, on Buttermere Road, off Abbeydale Road.


Pilates for beginners

Many clients starting Pilates classes have never attended any form of exercise class before but find it a rewarding experience both physically and mentally.

Pilates for everyone

Most people can benefit from regular Pilates classes regardless of age or fitness level. They will learn greater body awareness, improved posture and be able to make sensible informed decisions about the level of exercise that is right for them. Learning to strengthen the body from the inside using deep stabilizing muscles and then safely continue to strengthen the global or more superficial muscles. This strength training is balanced with flexibility training to ensure muscles work efficiently, become toned and allow joints to move more freely.



One to one Pilates

Pilates Classes in Sheffield

One to one Pilates - the best introduction to Pilates is with a 1-2-1 training session arranged at a time to suit you. If you’re new to Pilates, a private lesson will give you the knowledge and understanding of the Pilates system so you can safely progress to classes.

Pilates Classes in Sheffield - Choice Pilates classes are run Monday to Friday with a maximum of 10 clients per class allowing each person to be given the attention required to ensure correct alignment and execution of the exercises.  To achieve the full benefit of Pilates we advise taking 2 or 3 classes per week.

          Having experienced several different Pilates instructors in the past, Veronica's teaching method is refreshingly meticulous and client orientated, identifying exactly the problem areas and never compromising client safety when instructing.



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